TTC Timeline

Our TTC Journey…so far

*anything below in bold is defined on the terms page

Long Before TTC (trying to conceive):

April 22, 2000:  Alex and I started dating our junior year of High School.  Alex “asked me out” at the Easter Lock In at church.

April 22, 2006:  We got engaged!

March 10, 2007: We are MARRIED!!!

Trying to Conceive:

February 2012:  Decided we were ready to start a family.  Bye bye birth control.

March 8, 2013: Just one day after my 30th birthday, we found out we were expecting!

April 7, 2013: We said goodbye to Baby Leiva at 8 weeks pregnant.

We continued to try for another year or so with no luck, so we moved on to getting some help.  We met with my OB to discuss our options.

January 2014: After over 6 months post miscarriage with no pregnancy, Dr. Kelly suggested I do entry tests and an HSG.

January 2014: Completed the HSG test at Houston Fertility Institute.

April 2014: OB put me on Clomid for a month to see if that would help.  IWNS.

May 2014: OB continued me on Clomid and scheduled us for our first IUI.  IWNS.

June 2014: OB continued me on Clomid and scheduled us for second IUI.  IWNS.

July 2014: OB put me on Femara instead of Clomid because being on Clomid for three months was causing my uterine lining to thin out (very common with Clomid).  My body did not respond well to the IUI, so we did not complete an IUI in July.

August 2014: Our plan with my OB was that if no pregnancy resulted after three months, that we would then move on to meeting with a Fertility Specialist.  So, that is the next step.

September 2014: Met with Dr. Haddad at Houston Fertility Institute (HFI).  Dr. Haddad had Alex and I do a slew of tests to rule out any major concerns.  He also scheduled me for a Hyteroscopy (H-Scope).  Following our tests, everything looked A-OK other than having a low AMH, so he diagnosed us with “Unexplained Infertility”.  He suggested that since our first two IUI’s did not work, we would be best suited to do IVF.

At this point we were wrapping up building our new house so we felt we were best suited to wait to do IVF until the house was done.  Plus, PTL we found out that Alex’s insurance would cover IVF, so we added ourselves to his insurance.  His insurance wouldn’t be effective until January 1st, so our timeline was set.

January 2015: Submit approval from insurance to proceed with IVF.  Insurance came back and said they wouldn’t honor our approval request until March, but that they would likely require 6 months of IUI before covering IVF.  They required 6 months post any surgery to consider approval.  In the meantime, we planned to start doing IUIs just in case.

February 2015: Completed IUI 3.0.  IWNS.

March 2015: Submitted approval again and Insurance came back and said that we were required to complete 6 rounds of IUI before they would cover IVF.  Whah – whah.

Completed IUI 4.0. IWNS.

April 2015: Completed IUI 5.0 — no news yet.

And our story continues…..



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