Mallory – MONTH 1

As you can imagine, I have thousands of pictures, so I am trying to pick a few from each month to get me caught up on the blog.  If you don’t like baby pictures, you should probably stop reading my blog.  🙂  There will be a birth story blog all on its own — it is just taking longer to right.

Mallory’s First Month in Photos


Going home from the hospital on Thursday January 7th, 2016.  Mallory wore the onesie we received from Philip and Caitlin.  It reads, “for this child I have prayed”.


One week old exactly — picture taken on Tuesday January 12th at 3:31 PM


Mikey and Erika came to visit miss Mallory on Monday January 11th.  Erika and I were due with our babies on Friday January 15th, but Erika knew she would be induced sometime between Monday and Friday, so we had to snag a pic before Jack and Mallory met face to face!


Heading to the dr!


Going on our first walk!


Precious tiny baby


Still her favorite place — her swing


Modeling my handmade Cowgirl Gear from Aunt Jacquie


Spencer stays close by Mallory


Meeting Uncle Georgey


Lady is obsessed with Mallory and ALWAYS has to find her


Sweet sleeping babies


Nana and Mal Mal



Skinny newborn baby


Grandma and Mallory


Meeting her friend Carter!


Exercising with Mommy


First ever playdate with Jack Jack


Celebrated Valentine’s Day


Happy Birthday Nana!


One month check up to see Dr. Brack!


Checking out Spencer


One Month Old

Maternity Photos

With Mallory’s due date being so close to all the holidays, I hadn’t planned to really do any maternity photos, but figured I would just take a few to commemorate being pregnant.  Well, Samantha offered to go to Galveston and take some pics of me at the beach on New Year’s Day.  (two weeks before my due date)  Well, with my low amniotic fluid (separate birth post in progress), the doctor would not allow me to drive to Galveston, so we improvised and took pics around City Centre and Terry Hershey Park.  I am SO glad Samantha suggested taking the pictures because I love them and it ended up being less than a week from Mallory’s arrival.  Plus, it was a great excuse to spend some girl time with Samantha.

Here are a bunch of the pics….



I am determined to get caught up on some blogging, so we are posting out of order.  Say hi to my two favorite people.  Mallory is such a joy and we are loving the beginnings of parenthood.

As of today, Mallory is 4 months and one week.  She can roll from her back over her left shoulder to her tummy.  She smiles all the time and laughs — especially when we get up in her face and talk to her.  She can almost fully hold her head up and will grab on to anything you put in front of her with a death grip.  Everything ends up in her mouth and she is starting to really drool.  She is a pretty good sleeper, great eater and all around pretty easy going.  Her newest favorite thing right now is her Sophie Giraffe and sticking out her tongue.


Stay tuned for lots more updates and LOTS more photos.  🙂