Pregnancy – Week By Week

I am sitting here at 38 weeks pregnant and can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my pregnancy at all at this point.  Here is a snapshot of our pregnancy through selfies.

9 week Baby Bump – nauseous 24/7
12 Weeks — through the first TRIMESTER and waiting to find out BOY OR GIRL! — still so nauseous all the time
16 WEEKS!  It’s a GIRL and the nausea has FINALLY stopped.  (separate gender reveal post to follow)


20 Weeks – can’t believe we are halfway there and feeling great
22 weeks – baby girl attended her first concert — off to see Taylor Swift!
24 weeks!  Time for the dreaded gestational diabetes test.
32 weeks and going strong — continued walking and spinning through 34 weeks.  
35 weeks and ready to go walking with Lindsey
37 weeks — officially full term.  Still feeling great.

Overall I have LOVED being pregnant.  Our doctor is amazing and has taken great care of us so far.  With every day that passes we are feeling more and more prepared (as prepared as you can be for being completely new to this!).  We can’t wait to hold Baby Girl in our arms and tell how much she is already loved.  I am 38 weeks and starting to show progress towards labor, but don’t expect baby to come any the next day or so.  They are also doing weekly ultrasounds to monitor my amniotic fluid levels.  The count down is on and we can’t wait!


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